5 Things You Should Never Tell A Man

When you fall in love the first thing that comes to mind is to tell him everything so you can start your relationship on a good note. In as much as that can be true but there’s An old saying that says that ” familiarity breeds contempt” which is very true when it comes to Relationships. Alot of us assumes that when a man knows everything about you that it brings you closer which is not true. When it comes to Relationships there are certain things you should never tell a man no matter how much you love him or no matter how much he asks;

1. Ex boyfriends_ no matter how much a man pressurize you to tell him about your ex please don’t. The truth is that he doesn’t really want to know but he’s only asking you because courtsey demands it. If you make a mistake of telling him about your ex, you will soon start arguing about something that happened in the past which is not good for anybody.

2. Don’t talk about past sexual Experience_ no guy wants to know what you did in bed with another guy or how good the sex was, it leads to insecurities and jealousy or even accusations of being promiscuous.

3. Don’t complain too much_ no man really want to be with a chronic complainer, it’s okay to complain a little about what you don’t want or what happened that you were not too comfortable with but don’t make it a habit of doing it regularly.

4. Don’t tell him about your plans for marriage or how many kids you want to have_ Nothing dampens a romantic mood for Guys than hearing you talk about marriage and kids, it makes you look desperate.
If a man is really serious with you, he will bring those issues up himself.

5. You hate your body_ no matter how much you think a certain part of your body is, never make your boyfriend know of it, men literally loves women who are very confident in themselves, to men confidence is more attractive than physical beauty.

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