Gaslighting In Relationships: Definition And How To Identify The Signs

Gaslighting is an act of persistent manipulation and brainwashing in such a way that the victim often question his or her own sanity. It’s an act that Ieaves the victim traumatized emotionally, psychologically etc. Here the gaslighter manipulate you in such a way that makes you question yourself and your worth and constantly leave you feeling like your not good enough for both himself and yourself too. Your partner uses tactics to gain power over you and make you question the reality of anything.
So many people are yet to identify when someone is obviously gaslighting them in a relationship because gaslighting has a lot to do with mind control, doubt and insanely questioning of reality which is always very obvious. Being in a relationship with a gaslighter is a form of emotional abuse you need to recognize it before you fall for it. A gaslighter create a false illusion about you which makes it look as if something is wrong with you which the accusations maybe wrong and totally out of place, it’s very important as an adult to have a great understanding of gaslighting so you will be in a better position to identify this very attribute in your Relationships.

What Does It Mean When Someone Is Gaslighting You;

It’s very normal for people to want to know this, A gaslighter create a wrong impression about you at every given opportunity he or she gets which will automatically puts you on the defensive at almost all the time, they do this so they can stay in control and also to dominate you in every way possible in the relationship.

He or she constantly tries to dim your light and make you look like your not good enough no matter what you do for them, at first it might not be obvious but with time it will be very clear which may leave you confused, isolated and depressed

Signs And Tactics Of Gaslighting;

To be able to evaluate your relationship and partner so you will be able to understand whether or not your a victim of this, here are some of those signs you should look out for in your relationship:

1. You keep making excuses frequently for your partner to your friends and family just so you can cover up their lapses

2. Your partner leaves You questioning yourself if your actually good enough or not and also doubting yourself at every given opportunity you get.

3. You know something is quite wrong with your partner but you can’t place a finger at it or even expressing this to them or even to yourself.

4. You feel confused and crazy Everytime. You put yourself down a lot.

5. You keep apologizing to your partner both when you’re at fault or not.

6. You can’t make Simple decisions in the relationship etc.

Examples Of Gaslighting Phrases In Relationships:

If you partner constantly uses this Phrases, it’s a more or less sign that he is manipulative and a gaslighter too.

“It’s all in your head.”

“My wife is a pathetic looser and she needs to know the truth”

“Are you really sure? You tend to have a bad memory”

“You’re crazy- that never happened”

How To Stop Gaslighting In your Relationship:

In other to put an end to this in your relationship you have to first of all identify that you have a problem and it’s definitely not with you but your partner,

Try not to blame yourself for the Relationship that went sour and understand that you deserve better than what your getting,

Learn to identify truth from lies and know when someone is trying to manipulate you, stick to your truth and walk away from such person.

Treat yourself kindly because it’s not your fault and understand that you can’t really control how your partner sees things because no matter what you do they will only see things the way they choose to.

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