Big Weddings Doesn’t Gurantee Success In Marriage

Wedding Days are the best days to so many people because it’s the beginning of a new chapter.
So many people celebrate this day elaborately because they can actually afford it while some do it to impress people.
Truth be told some people do not really care about you nor your marriage, all the want is the free food that will be shared.

Dear ladies…
Having a big wedding doesn’t gurantee success in marriage, it doesn’t mean you won’t experience the ups and downs of marriage. Never pressurize your partner to do more than they can afford, there is life after wedding. Both big and small wedding is still marriage, marriage na marriage no two ways about it. Let that day be all about you and your partner.

Nobody cares about you apart from the free food you will give out that day so apply wisdom while planning for this day.
Love is indeed a beautiful thing with the right person 💝💝💝

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