How To Know Your Boyfriend Is Stingy: 7 Undeniable Ways

Dating a Stingy boyfriend is very fustrating, Every Woman wants to be with a man who can clearly take care of her and her needs, let’s admit women are the ones who suffer most in Relationships because they cook, clean, take care of the guys and even offer their bodies to please the guys then the guys in return can’t even take care of the ladies, that’s too bad let’s be honest here.
Dear ladies please be very observant when it comes to this, so here are the real Signs that the guy your going out with is very stingy and this attitude is a red flag in Relationships;

1. He Constantly Avoids Money Talk_ Whenever you have money Issues and he doesn’t really care about it, when you keep on explaining for every one naira you need from him then he is Stingy please beware.

2. He Ask You To Pray When You Need Help_ it’s not wrong to pray because prayer is the key but when your boyfriend tells you to pray when you need money when you know he more than capable please my love you don’t need a socerer to tell you he’s very stingy, run for your life

3. If your boyfriend is always on the phone once your at a mall and that calls takes hours until your done shopping then it’s very obvious he is avoiding paying the bills.

4. He’s Not There For His Family_ A man who doesn’t take care of his family won’t be able to take care of you, you just have to understand this, charity Begins at home.

5. He’s Upset About His Friends Gifting Their Girlfriends_ if you notice that he’s always upset whenever his friends buys gift for their girlfriends then you need to understand that he’s not so good at giving.

6. He Rarely Buys You Gifts_ if he doesn’t get you something on your birthday no matter how small it is then it’s not a pretty good sign, every man that truly loves you will appreciate you on your very special days no matter how tiny their gifts are.

7. He Complains Too much about Money_ If a man constantly Complains about money almost all the time please don’t expect anything from him because he won’t give you.

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