Protect Your Privacy, Not Everything Should Be On Social Media

Social Media is an exciting platform, at least it’s a great avenue to connect to the world and the people in it too but one thing we should understand that social media is a very different world itself infact I call it a fairy tale because 95% of the things you see are not real, social media is characterized with FAKENESS and DECIT So so please don’t be carried away.

If you have an audience on social media it’s good to sustain the audience because most people are following you for a Reason, maybe the like your personality or your fashion sense but don’t ever try to put your sensitive stuff out there, differentiate between business and personal affairs, it’s very important.

Social Media as it may have ruined alot of beautiful Relationships more than they have made any, it can be very tempting to flaunt your partner especially when they are really sweet to you but then remember that privacy is everything, People can’t ruined what they don’t know.

Taking your personal or family matters to social media can never solve it because 99% of those people on your page doesn’t really care about you so be wise.

Successful people doesn’t need to tell everyone they are successful because their success announces that for them. Millionaires and billionaire doesn’t need to flaunt their wealth for you to see but you can’t argue their net worth.

Don’t take social media too seriously and try not to be like everyone you see there, be yourself, be real, Appreciate your journey in life. When you see anything out there, like it and scroll pass it, it’s not that serious.

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