How To Satisfy Your Man In Bed: What Every Woman Should Know

When it comes to giving your man the best experience on bed so many women are very good with it, that’s why some men actually find it very difficult to break up with their girlfriend irrespective of their terrible attitude. This situation is vice versa too so the Women should not get carried away😁😁😁😁

Please note that be creative enough on bed won’t stop a man from cheating especially those men who can’t do without cheating or don’t ever think that sex can keep any man because times have proven otherwise but it’s very important that you learn and practice those sexual habits that most men fancy on bed at least for your own pleasure and enjoyment 😂. Here are a few things that most men love Most while making love with their women;

1. Change Positions_ making out with only missionary style is outdated and way too boring, if you really want your man to enjoy you you need to constantly change positions so as to get the best of the moment but then if you need one position to climax you can go ahead but you have to understand that most men look forward to making love with different styles and positions.

2. Hang Your Leg A Little Higher_ Taking your legs higher helps him penetrate easily, it makes them go deeper into you in which they love so much.

3. Climb On top_ so many women prefer the missionary style because the won’t be doing anything but receiving, sex is a two way thing so don’t allow him to do the work alone, climb on top and rock him the best way you can because this will Automatically take some pressure off him and will make him relax and enjoy the act too.

4. Squeeze Him Tight_ men really love this, right in the act when everything is getting too intense, cultivate the habit of squeezing him very tight, it really turn them on the more.

5. Leave The Light On_ Men want to see your face when you climax so always remember to keep the lights on whenever your make out with your boo, this is really their weak points.

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  1. Chances are your woman also will be far more aroused from you having fun because of the mirror neurons. Have you noticed how you get aroused, when she orgasms?

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