Be Patient, Everything will Fall In Place With Time

Doing your very best expecting everything to go smoothly yet not really seeing what you initially expected is very depressing. Sometimes you watch others do their thing and then reap bountifully and then you turn to yourself and see something different makes one think really hard and sometimes questions the existence of our maker if truly he’s being partial or impartial.

Most times things don’t usually go the way we plan because God has a different plan for us and Most Times we may not understand that plan but if you hold him tight, you will surely see that the end is always more beautiful than the beginning of anything.

Everyone’s timing is different because we were created differently so don’t worry too much about it, you will get there.

Everyone who has been successful has been there before, if it was that easy everyone would have been successful, the going is always very rough that’s why many people quit half way, hold on and you will be glad you did.

Nothing comes very easy in life, never forget this, you must constantly fight for and work hard for what you believe in. Your time may not be now but it will eventually come if you don’t quit. When it’s your time nothing can ever stop it, I mean nothing.

Be patient, work hard, be happy for others and your own beautiful harvest will surely come.

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