You Owe Yourself Happiness

Living your life thinking people owe you happiness is wrong, no matter what you say you are your primary source of happiness, others can only contribute to it but not the main source of it, putting that burden on someone else is too much load that they probably not meet up.

Happiness is a choice so no matter what you do if you don’t make a conscious decision to be happy no matter the situation you will always find yourself feeling down and depressed almost all the time.

Never base your happiness on material things because when those things are no longer there, you can never be happy, try your best to generate your happiness from within you, waking up sound and healthy is Enough reason to be happy.

Take responsibility for your own happiness, nobody owe you that but you owe yourself that, forget what Every other people think or say about you and focus on yourself and making yourself happy in the midst of all odds, keep them talking and wondering how you are able to do it, forget them, they will be okay on the long run.

Choose happiness above everything, that’s the only medicine that makes you glow effortlessly 💝💝. Happiness is free, choose wisely.

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