A Man’s Money Is Not Your Money, Don’t Ever Forget This

Being with a man who is doing very well for himself is every woman’s dreams afterall who wants to really suffer in this life? There may be people but most definitely not Women 😂😂. One thing most women forget is that they can be as rich as the men if only they are focused, hardworking and consistent after all wealth is not based on gender.

Spending a man’s money is sweet but do you know what is Most sweeter? Spending your own money. If a man gives you money Everytime believe me or not he will eventually get tired of doing so and may even get irritated by you at a point, men of this days are Attracted to Women who are independent in every aspect of their lives, to them an independent woman is really sexy so no matter how much your boyfriend or husband spend on you, you still need to work for your own money.

It’s really tiring to explain what you need money for before you can even get the money from the guys but with your own money all that is ruled out and nothing can be as fullfiling as spending your own money on whatever you want at any time without Explaination, to me that’s the real height of freedom.

Most women are stucked in an abusive Relationship or Marriage because they know that if they leave the man they cannot afford to pay for their own bills or keep up with the lifestyle they have been exposed to, they are fully aware that they don’t have anything to fall back to which is why they are stucked. No matter what your man do please try your best to make your own money, it’s very important.

A man’s money is not your money please don’t forget that, don’t get too comfortable with a man’s wealth, strive to make yours no matter what it takes but please when you eventually do try your best to be humble with it.

The greatest security a woman can have is a little money of her own, something she can fall back to with the ride is really rough and not too good. In as much as you plan to end up with someone who can take care of you and your needs please first lay a foundation that can take care of you if anything changes. A man’s money is sweet but yours is sweeter, never forget that.

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