True Love Is Worth The Wait

Someone who loves you will never let go of your hands no matter how though the going is.
If you love him him or her you will forgive them because love is forgiveness. When you find that one person that will never leave you no matter what hold them tight. Cherish everyone moment you spend with your love ones because you don’t know what tomorrow brings.

Love is more than just mere words, it’s an act of kindness, sacrifice and putting the other party first no matter the situation, when you love someone you make them your priorities, you try your best to make them happy and feel loved at all times.

Being with the wrong person doesn’t mean that there are no good people that will make you feel like you’ve never been broken before, everything good takes time so whatever your going through right now be rest assured that It is preparing you for your best phase in life, True love is worth the wait because love is a beautiful thing with the right person 💕💕 💕

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