Please Help: I had A Fight With My Boyfriend, His Ignoring Me Now

Goodmorning… I recently had a fight with my boyfriend.. We ended up not talking to each other for few days.. Then I decided to communicate but I was ignored.. He missed my calls and never returned them, on media he didn’t talk to me and when I text its read and ignored.. I have had a big thought about this and am just fed up but again something tells me to try.. I have been doing that but it looks like am just wasting my time… I need a good advice now its really needed cause I don’t really give up on my relationship easily and I don’t want it to lool like am forcing someone to love me…

What led to this;

I opened his text and didn’t reply at the moment he got mad and said words like I don’t regard him.. I take him for granted and so many negative words.. I was all sweet and apologized for doing that.. I thought it was gonna end there but it didn’t he continued less loved… Then am like why all the negativity today is something.. You should have just asked why I left it unreplied… Then he made a comment that his never gonna talk to me again and if he should then something is wrong with him… Seriously that hit me… Its so complicated and am outa ideas one can be handy

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