Please Help: His Attitude Towards Me Changed Since I Told Him I Like Him

Pls I need your advice, I find it difficult to accept any guys proposals, after my last breakup months ago. Now I’ve developed a strange n strong feelings 4 this particular guy, I’ve tried my best 2 forget him n move on but I can’t, then I summoned courage n told him how I felt, cuz I’ve never in my life felt that way 4 anyone b4.
I’m down casted right now cuz I’ve never crushed on a guy before talk more of approaching him. Now the problem is, ever since I told him how I felt towards him, and he told me he also liked me, his attitude changed, he doesn’t pick my calls n doesn’t reply my msg on time. Please I need your advice, how can I get him off my mind, n is this feelings I have 4 him normal?????

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