Please Help: He Wants Only Sex But I Want Him To Love Me

I have been in a relationship with this guy for about 4years
.At first, I never loved him but he gave me reasons to and I fell in love with him last year..
He was patient cos he has been dating me since I have been in secondary school and he was a graduate and already working in the bank then…
But he is never a good listener, he picks up my words on me..
He insults me and tells me it is not my fault, he is dating me and all shorts of bad words..
I gained admission last year.whenever we meet all we have is only sex..
He knows nothing about me and I barely know things about him because he lied to me about a lot of things…
The painful part of it is that he never pick calls in my presence, I can’t operate his phone (I only wants to view gallery but he told me I shouldn’t go and see something that would give me hypertension).
He lied to me about his age and lots of things..
The last encounter with him, he received a call and him and the caller were discussing love right beside me.
I love him though I have had sex with another guy who listens, care and always want to see me smile which was not my joy but me and the guy were just too engrossed with one another that we didn’t know when we got to love making…
I love my man but am thinking of breaking up with him so I can move on and get the right partner because I don’t cheat on him…
P. S:He lied to me about his age and I discovered he is 16years older than me

Plz advice me..
Another guy is here begging to be with me

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