Your Beautiful In Your Own Way

Everyone is unique and different in life, it’s this differences that makes us beautiful and Attractive in our own way. Living your life based on other people’s validations will only leave you in depression, most times people don’t really see what you see in you. Don’t let anyone ever talk you down remember how you carry yourself is really how people will rate you.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and everyone of us is beautiful in our own ways, you don’t have to use all the make up before you can accept that your beautiful, even without makeup my dear you look really beautiful and sexy 😂.

Never try to be someone else, it’s very okay to admire people and leave good remarks about them but you trying everything possible to idolize them is bad. You were not born into this world to be them, you were born to be you in every way possible and that you is as beautiful as the person you’re admiring it just that you have not discovered it yet.

Being with someone who constantly makes you feel less of yourself or constantly tries their best to change you into someone that your not is very toxic for both your physical and mental health, learn to walk away from such People.

Carry yourself very well and rock your beautiful perfectly, you don’t have to keep begging people to love you, trust me it they were meant to be in your life the will love you just the way you are. Your beautiful, don’t ever forget that.

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