Top 10 Qualities Men Look For In A Woman They Want To Settle Down With

I will personally be giving you a sneak peek of what most men look for in a woman they want to spend the rest of their lives with. I understand that it’s not really easy to please a man because sometimes what men wants is very confusing but then getting to speak with some of them made me realize that men are very easy to please if only you understand them perfectly. Here are those qualities that men look for in their future wife;

1. Kind-hearted_ men really want to settle down with a woman who is very kind hearted and loving, someone who goes a little extra for you without expecting anything in return.

2. Intellectually sound_ men wants someone whom they can have a sound conversation with and not whoes conversation revolves around “baby I need this or that” or ” baby I’m broke”. Nothing attracts a man more than an intellectually sound woman with lots of wonderful and challenging ideas.

3. Family oriented_ every man wants a woman who can transform his house into a home. A woman who is family oriented will be able to run a home and to carry Each member along both the immediate and external family members.

4. Physical Attraction_ Realistically every man has a certain feature that they admire most in Women so please take care of your physical appearance, it matters a lot.

5. Sense Of Humor_ every one wants to end up with someone who has a great sense of humor and not someone who can’t even take a simple joke

6. Friendliness_ being friendly and social is a turn on for most guys at least the Know you can represent them anywhere and anytime.

7. Ambitious_ being ambitious and goal driven is a good sign that you can handle whatever comes your way. Men admire this a lot in Women.

8. Being Real And Consistent_ no one wants to be with someone who is not themselves, try your best to be yourself around any guy that your with, don’t try to impress him by being someone your not, it’s a turn off for Guys.

9. Put in extra effort_ men literally love attention so no matter how busy your schedule are, try your best to be available whenever they need you. Prioritize your relationship no matter what.

10. Understanding_ an understanding Woman is a man’s peace of mind, men can’t trade an understanding Woman for anything. Understanding is what most men needs, try and give him that.

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