Love And Sex: What Everyone Should Know

Love and sex are slightly related but with a little bit difference. Being in love with someone and being intimate with the same person is very different from having sex with someone. Love is an intense feeling of care towards someone else but then sex is just a physical activity that may not necessarily involved love. Sex and love is needed to build a lasting relationships but then in the absence of love sex doesn’t mean anything to anyone.

Difference Between Love And Sex

When someone really loves you he will care little or less about sex, at least sex will not be the major reason why you guys are together but when someone is only in for the sex he gets angry with you over your inability to give into sex.

When someone loves you he will want to establish friendship and create a bond with you like spending quality time with you and doing the things he loves the most with you but when it’s only a sex Relationship he will only be inviting you home for the sex and would care less about even knowing you.

When it’s love they care alot about you and how your actually feeling but when it’s sex nothing about you bothers them.

Having sex with someone doesn’t mean they love you the same way sex cannot keep a man. Don’t be fooled by sex because most times you May mean nothing more than a sex tool to the person involved.

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