What If There Were Really No Bad People In This World?

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to be in a world where only good people exists? Have you ever imagine being in a world full of only good people? What if everyone was to be good to everyone both the ones they know and the ones who are mere strangers? What if there was no such words as Bad, wicked, hatred and envy? What if the world only experience love and nothing more? What if everyone simply make other people’s issue a priority and not helping to get credits in return? What if you existed in just the perfect form alone? Will the world be a perfect place for everyone?

Well my imaginations are great and beautiful but I think the good, bad and the ugly part of life makes it a great adventure that it is now. If the world had existed without blame we wouldn’t appreciate the lessons we learn from each mistakes as there will be no mistakes in the first place. A perfect world would made us doubt the existence of GOD.

Every horrible experience gives us great lessons to learn from if we’re open minded enough, bad people makes us Appreciate the good people around us. In every situation there’s always something to learn from, a perfect world is illusional and doesn’t exist, it’s very okay to imagine but when you’re done please wake up to the reality of life and act accordingly. This life is beautiful If only you choose to look at the bright side of life.

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