Sands Of Time; No Good Deed Is Lost

Sometimes our good deeds are taken for granted or misinterpreted but if you know you mean well then such misconception shouldn’t really get to you. Life is like a circle that Begins at one point and goes round back to the same spot. Every good thing you do in life comes back to you a hundred fold both directly and indirectly so never stop being that sweet soul that you are.

Good people are very hard to come by maybe because of how bad People tend to treat good people but in a world like this never let people’s attitude towards you stop you from being a good person that you are, the reward for your kindness may not come immediately but eventually it will come. No good deed is ever forgotten, every good deed is paid back in full but at the appropriate time.

Being there for people shouldn’t be limited to those you know but it should be for everyone who is in dare need of you at that time, how best can you describe your life if you hadn’t been of help to someone in your entire life.

Life is in phases, today it might be your time and tomorrow it might not be, how you used your time will determine how other people’s time will treat you, if you use it for the greater good of all then you wouldn’t have to beg for certain things once your time is over, the universe will bring them your way.

In a cruel and wicked world like this, try your best to do good to people irrespective of anything because your good deed is never lost nor forgotten, you might not reap the fruits now but your children or grand children will. The world is a small place, Don’t ever think it’s big

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