12 Undeniable Ways To Know He Truly Loves You And He’s In For Something Serious

Love is such a beautiful thing especially with the right person, falling in love is one of the best feelings in the world but being loved right back is truly a blessing. So many people wonder if they are being loved by their partner the same way they love them, honestly speaking this experience is very disturbing because it leaves you doubting yourself and your importance in his life but then one thing we should try our best to understand is that men love differently and they have their unique ways to show it so instead of you killing yourself over this is best you observe his actions towards you and then you draw up your conclusion, if a man truly loves you and his down for a long term relationship then you will notice the following;

1. He Respects You_ Respect is the bedrock of a long term relationship, real Respect is rare. If A man truly loves you he will respect you, both your decisions and your boundaries, he will do everything he can to protect you no matter the cost.

2. He Loves You For Who You Are_ Everyone has weaknesses and flaws but when a man is down for you he sees beyond those flaws and Appreciate everything that makes you to be you. He understands that those weaknesses makes you real and genuine and he’s not really in to change you into someone your not.

3. He shows You Love_ Men are action orientated People, they find it very difficult to say the love you but they prefer showing it to you. If a man says he loves you but he’s actions are different then you should probably be thinking twice about the relationship. Also take note of his priorities if your included in it or not, if a man loves you he will make you his priority.

4. He makes You A Part Of Him_ It’s only when he’s in for you that he can spend a great deal of his time with you. If he makes efforts to spend most of his free time with you then he’s really in love with you.

5. He Doesn’t Give Up on you_ Being with a man who doesn’t know if he wants to be in your life or not can be very stressful. If he really loves you he wouldn’t use the break up line on you once problem surfaces in the relationship but rather he will look for ways to get over that problem together infact a man that loves you see problems as an opportunity for you two to grow stronger.

6. He’s Not Scared To Show You Off_ if a man tells you ” let’s see how this Will go” he’s indirectly telling you that he doesn’t want to commit to you that as a matter of fact he is seeing someone else. If a man loves you he wouldn’t put you in a situation where you have to constantly question how he feels about you. Any man who loves you will find a way to make you understand your position in his life either with words or actions.

7. He communicates often_ No one who truly loves you can go a day without checking in on you to know if your okay or not, if he claims to love you and can go for 24 hours without speaking to you then my dear you have to move on because that’s not love. If he’s into you he will check up on you no matter how busy he is.

8. He Gives Without Expectations_ There’s no real love without giving, if a man loves you he will give and not expect anything in return. If a man takes you out on a date and expect you end up on his bed that night then you know how to move on. Love gives without expecting anything in return.

9. Your problem Become His too_ love doesn’t count Issues as yours but sees it as a collective problem, he doesn’t have to settle all your bills but then he can offer useful ways to go about it.

10. He makes You Better_ A man that really loves you will want to make positive impacts in your life, he wants you to be a better person than you were yesterday, he becomes your Motivations and a very strong support system. It’s very important that you surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you.

11. You have peace of mind_ when you’re with the right person you will definitely have peace of mind, everything around you is nothing but pure happiness and satisfaction, when it’s real you can’t deny it.

12. He treats you like a queen_ pay attention to how a man treats you, it’s goes a long way to tell how he feels about you.

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