Sex Outside Marriage: A Big Deal Or Not?

Sex outside marriage is largely considered to be a sin by many but then what do you think? What do I think? Personally I wouldn’t want to judge anyone who endulges in such act because he may have a good reason to justify his actions but no matter how true your justifications are it will never beat the fact that what is bad is bad.

Biblically we have been made to understand that the marriage bed should be kept clean and undifiled.

Heb 13 v 14; let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.

Sex outside marriage is a big deal because God created sex for marriage only but the 21st century has placed a no big deal tag on sex which was not so from the beginning. The bond that comes with sex is strong that’s why most people who are not married but have known each other sexually find it very difficult to part ways when the relationship is no longer working.

Looking critically on some of the factors that may lead to sexual immorality outside marriage is the desire to experience sex outside your partner or for emotional support. Couples who’s sex life is boring might seek pleasure outside which is often Advicable to have a heart to heart discussion with them about your sexual desires but if this method fails it’s recommended that such couple should engage the services of a marriage counselor.

Secondly a marriage that lacks emotional support may leave the partner seeking for that outside the marriage so Most times when ones partner cheats it’s not necessarily because of sex, it may be much more than that but honestly speaking seeking comfort outside the arms of your partner is not the best option.

The consequences of sex outside can be very grievous and may leave lasting injury that can be impossible to heal. As married couple it’s very important for you to understand that your body belongs to your partner alone and so therefore you must treat it as such. Marriage is a beautiful and holy union in which sex is the bond that makes it stronger and so sex outside marriage is a big deal in which Every married person should avoid.

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  1. Yes, the consequences of sex outside are dangerous and can easily lead to cruelty and desonesty. Hurt the wife or husband or companion like that is not fair at all.

    1. I totally agree with you but then if any party wants to cheat they should divorce first before doing so. Thank you so much for reading

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