Difference Between Lust And Love: What Every Girl Needs To Know

Are you wondering whether it‘s love you have towards him or your just lusting after him? Love is an intense feeling of care and affection towards another person, it’s one feeling that develops over time and not overnight.

Lust on the other hand is a very strong sexual desire that is based on physical attraction, it’s a want or longing that is necessitated by sexual fantasies. lust can be transformed into love but then the two individuals involved must make a conscious effort to love beyond their flaws and imperfections. The difference between lust and love Are;


Lust is a strong desire and it’s often seen to be the first stage of Falling in love according to research. Here you have a strong physical attraction to the person involved and you spend a lot of time day dreaming about having sex with them, there is no urge to have a real conversation with the person that may lead to real friendship but rather you want to satisfy your physical urge. Lust makes you feel the other person is perfect, everything about them makes perfect sense, lust makes you become so infatuated with the other person that you ignore the red flag even if it’s very obvious.


Love is an intense feeling of Attraction and care towards another person. Love understand that no one is perfect hence it Accepts people for who they truly are, love sees beyond physical attraction but rather they love you beyond your beautiful face and dress. Love Cares little about sex because they understand that your relationship is more than just sex, if your truly in love with someone you will want to try new activities with the person or try a new hobby with them because you want to establish a much deeper connection with the person aside sex. Love communicates honestly and is not scared of losing the other party.

Honestly speaking there’s a very thin line between love and lust and that thin line is it’s ability to stand the test of time. Love goes beyond the moment, it wants the other party by their side throughout the stormy moments of life, lust on the other hand can fade into love or a breakup. Love is a journey and not an immediate thing.

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