How You React To A Break up According To Your Zodiac Sign

Many people have different ways of taking breakups because truthfully breakups are really terrible experience in which if your not strong enough you May loose yourself in the process. According to my research I have come to discover that your zodiac sign has a lot to do with your personality which in turn has a lot to do with how you react to certain things including breakups. Zodiac Signs are determined by your birth month and date which gives deep insite to your personality and your interaction with the universe at Large, everyone has a way of taking breakups but your zodiac sign has a lot to do with your reactions and if you understand your Zodiac sign very well it can guide you into the next relationship. Here are the Zodiac signs and their response to breakups;

1. Capricorns ( December 22- January 19)_ Capricorns are very unemotional, they are warmer than their reputation, they’re very loyal lovers that strive to build a long lasting relationships which they believe to be of great help to them during the stormy moments in life, they’re willing to fight for a relationship they believe so much in but then if the partner constantly push them away, they walk away quickly.

2. Aquarius ( January 20- February 18)_ Aquarius are difficult to connect with in an interpersonal level because they are motivated by their collective consciousness, Aquarius are playful and inspiring people but when it comes to break ups they handle it at a highly intellectual level whether they are the ones that initiated the breakups or not. They do feel the impact of the breakup very well and they need emotional support from their friends and love ones to heal.

3. Pieces ( February 19_ March 20)_ pieces are creative, happiest and fantastic about reality, they prefer to walk from difficult situations because they don’t want their emotions to be caught up so their style of breakup is inconclusive. Pieces mostly walk out on a relationship that is not working without a word but then they leave you wondering why they left without saying anything.

4. Aries( March 21- April 19)_ Aries are ambitious people with an explosive tempers, they prefer to Dump you than you dumping them whenever they feel the relationship is no longer working but then they regret their decision immediately that’s why they mostly end up like the rebounds. True Aries will do Anything to prove to you that they are sorry about dumping you and they want to reunite with you but then it’s very important to examine them Carefully so it won’t be like they are chasing you for victory because that’s what typical Aries are.

To be continued……………………………

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