Major Reasons Why Girls Date Rich Guys

Money is invariably an important part of human existence so no matter how much you try your best to shy away from it, women naturally are drawn to flashy things so you won’t really blame them. Most girls opt in for rich guys for a lot of reasons but I think it will be safe to say that those reasons are individualistic and so we can’t really tell but according to research and studies I have come to understand a few of those reasons which are;

1. Comfort and Luxury_ Truth be told no one really wants to suffer be it male or female, money gives one comfort and luxury and no feeling can be better than that. Every woman wants to live her dream life and also to be able to give her kids the best life.

2. For Financial Independence_ Every woman wants to be financially secured, being able to buy the latest clothes, bags and shoes. It gives them a sense of accomplishment. Not being able to buy what you really want to buy at a time you need it most is really not pleasing to most women hence the need to get hooked up with a rich dude.

3. For Luxury Vacation_ Women loved to be spoiled, so must Women prefer the guys that can afford to take them on expensive trips and also buy expensive gifts for them.

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