The Bitter Truth About What Men Wants In A Relationship

Men are very different from the Women folks, it takes a little bit of an effort for you to really understand your man in other to have a beautiful romantic relationship. The Bitter Truth about what Every man needs in a relationship is very simple but we often ignored the obvious and focus on the less important ones. Here are what most men wants from their relationship:

1. Respect_ Don’t be decieved, men interpret respect to love. If you are fond of disrespecting him he won’t ever take you seriously, men settle for women who respect them, their careers and their goals and dreams in life. Respect is Paramount for guys.

2. Space_ 99% of guys needs space in their relationship, following a man up and down will end up ruining your relationship, men needs space for friends, hobbies and drinks, you can’t take that away from them. When a man has enough space in a relationship he will value you the most because he has thought about you thoroughly during this time and have come to realize that your worth everything. Space to men gives them time to evaluate you and the Relationship which makes them come back better and stronger.

3. Security_ men wants to feel safe with you, not only knowing that you won’t leave him or something but that you honestly believe in him and where he is in life, your satisfied with him and that your proud of every step that he takes. Men were taught to be strong in everything but then they are human too and wouldn’t want to be with someone who isn’t satisfied with his progress in life.

4. Honesty_ honesty is what most men want, they want you to be very open about how you feel about them, your fears and insecurities. When you’re very secretive with them they won’t really trust you about opening up to you etc.

5. Self confidence _ you don’t have to like everything your man likes in other to keep them, men wants self secured and confident women who has her own interests, friends and hobbies and not the one to do whatever they do. You need to have your own voice and life as a woman, your life shouldn’t revolve around your man, men truthfully don’t want that kind of Women.

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