7 Fantastic Fun Date Ideas

You have finally decided to take her out on a date but then your low on cash. You don’t have to break a bank in other to have a fantastic first date, you can go on a low budget date yet making it fun and worth the while. Here are some fantastic yet fun low budget first date Idea for you and her;

1. Watch a movie together_ you can go watch your favorite or her favorite movie at a cenima or a movie house near you.

2. Cook a meal together_ you can try your cooking skills by cooking a meal together, if it tastes horrible you can order food outside and laugh about it.

3. Take A Walk_ you can walk to no destination in mind and turn home when you’re tired of the conversation, it’s very fun and pretty inexpensive.

4. Go on a picnic_ you two can plan this out, you can go with the main food while he comes with small chops it’s very adorable and fun

5. Have a Drink at your favorite Bar_ you could go to your favorite bar for a bottle of drinks or two.

6. Go to a free concert_ if there’s a free concert around you, you can opt in for that and optimise the opportunity very well.

7. Sing Karaoke _ you can go to a karaoke bar together and sing your favorite song together, it’s very fun and not too expensive.

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