6 Things You Should Know About A Guy Before You Date Him

There are certain things you should know about a guy before you date him. Have you met a cute guy recently? Are you wondering if he will be a good boyfriend material or not? Obviously there are certain things you should look at for in a man before you date him but because you have been single for long and wouldn’t want to miss the cute guy. Here are some things you should know about a guy before you date him;

1. Pay Attention To How He Treats His Family_ how a man treats or interact with his family has a lot to say about his personality especially how he treats his mom and sisters.

2. His Motivations In Life_ No one wants to be with a looser, know what his plans in life are and what he intends to achieve in life before you date him.

3. The kind of friends he keeps_ Watch the kind of friends he keeps because directly or indirectly we are like the people around us.

4. How he treats others_ does he treats people kindly? Does he speak politely to the bar attendance? This are the things you should be looking out for before you decide to date him

5. When He calls You To Hangout_ if A guy is always calling you late at night to come over to his place, he may not really be looking for a serious relationship so you have to take note.

6. His date Plans ideas_ if he’s not really putting in efforts to plan a date please he’s not really worth the stress. He can’t be indecisive all the time or chilling at home.

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