5 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of An Obsessed Ex Boyfriend

Women have increased chances of being harassed by an obsessed ex more than the guys according to research, no one wants to be constantly molested by an ex who is not really happy about how things ended in the Relationship, u here are a few ways to handle ex Issues;

1. Ignore his calls and texts_ I know you can be tempted to take his calls but then you need to Avoid it so he will know that your serious about the break up and that you have moved on with your life.

2. Avoid physical contact with him_ it’s very important that you avoid those places that you know you have 99% chances of bumping into him, stay off those places for your own safety.

3. Inform your close friends_ you might not want to involve your family in your emotional Issues but then you can involve a few of your friends that are really close to you for your own safety and also for emotional support. Let them know about everything in case of anything.

4. Don’t meet up with Him Except It’s necessary_ except you shared a child with him or property, there’s no need meeting up with him under no circumstances.

5. Don’t use fire For Fire Approach_ it can be very fustrating when you’re ex is doing everything possible to ruined you and then fighting back can be the only option left but please don’t use his same approach to resolve the issue, learn to act better and wiser than him.

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