13 Brilliant Ways To Dump A Guy Nicely Without Hurting Him

Break up is one of the hardest things to do so you have to Apply wisdom when doing it. You have to take it easy on yourself and also make it easy for the other person too especially if you are aware he’s still into you. Here are a few cool ways you could part ways with him without hurting him too much;

1. Break Up In Person_ I have heard horrible stories about break up and I personally think that doing it in person is much more better than doing it via text or call.

2. Prepare your Break up message_ it’s very important for you to prepare what you will say before you meet him as this will help prevent you using the wrong words and making the situation worse.

3. Choose The Best Time of The day_ when it comes to break ups you have to carefully plan it in other to make things worse than it is already. Breaking Up In the evening is better than doing it in the morning.

4. Be Honest About The Break-up_ honestly if you ever have to break up with anybody please be honest enough to let them know why your doing so, it may help them do better in their next Relationship.

5. Unfollow Him on Social media_ it’s very inappropriate to still follow your ex on all your social media platforms, the right thing to do is to unfollow Him or you unfriend him, don’t bump into him, avoid those places you know he will be there, give him time to heal and move on.

6. Don’t Be Intoxicated while Breaking Up_ it’s better to be yourself and not under the influence of anything before you do it so you don’t have to do it twice.

7. Don’t Break Up To make up_ please break up for the wrong reasons be very sure your breaking up for the right reasons, if you find yourself going back to him you will end up breaking up for the same reasons that broke you two in the first place, so be sure your doing the right thing then you move to the next one.

8. Don’t Blank Out On Him_ Vanishing on a relationship is more painful on the person than breaking up, it’s better you summon up courage to do it rather than leaving the person confused.

9. Don’t lead Him On_ most people are always tempted to call their ex after a break up out of pity, when you break up with someone please stay firm to your decision and let them move on, stop giving him false hope when you know there’s none.

10. Take some blame_ the relationship probably fell apart from you two inadequacies so while listing the reason for the break up please be kind enough to take some blame, you can’t be blameless and yet the relationship failed and it will be very unfair to the other party if all the fault goes to him

11. Encourage Him_ you know why you broke up and you know his shortcomings so it’s very important for you to encourage him on those areas you know he needs to improve on for the sake of his next Relationship.

12. Do it when his alone_ it’s very wrong for you to break up with a guy when he’s with company, do it when he’s alone and most preferably in his place so you can leave his apartment on your own terms.

13. Don’t lie_ if your seeing someone else and that’s the reason for the break up then you have to tell him, don’t lie about it because he will still find that out sooner or later but don’t go into too much details about the new guy.

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