Everyone want to be happy, happiness is an essential part of human existence that everyone should strive to have and keep. True happiness can only be found and generated by only you and no one else. People contribute to our happiness but we own our own happiness and not the people or things around you. The sooner you realize this the less drama you’ll have around you. Here are the simple ways you can truly stay happy;

1. Go After your dreams_ the happiness that comes from living your dream life is incomparable, if you truly want to be happy in life you need to do everything you can to Chase your dreams while you can.

2. Take Responsibility For your happiness_ No one is truly responsible for your own happiness apart from you, the sooner you realize this the more happier your life will be. Putting your happiness on someone is a very heavy weight that no one can carry so do everything you can to protect your happiness.

3. Discover Your Purpose_ living a purposeful life can give us happiness so it’s very important to discover your purpose in life and walk within it. Living purposefully gurantee true happiness.

4. Be Around people who makes You happy_ you do better when your around people who makes you happy, try your best to keep people who are positive energy to you.

5. Accept The Fact You Can’t Control Other People’s Reaction_ in life you only know about your life, you can’t control people’s reactions but you can control yours, don’t think everyone will do or behave like you because they can’t. When you have a perfect understanding of this then you won’t let people or situations tamper with your happiness.

6. Do Things You Love_ let your life revolves around only those activities you love the most.

7. Push Yourself _ You are your own responsibility but don’t be too hard on yourself, no one owes you Anything but you owe yourself everything. Keep reminding yourself this and keep working hard towards that which you desires and you will be very happy you did.

8. Be open minded_ life is a dynamic adventure and so change is very important and constant, be very open minded to embrace it even if it’s not always easy to do so.

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