7 Fantastic Ways To Make A Guy Super Jealous

Are you craving for his attention but still doesn’t have it? Are you trying so hard to make him notice you but then it’s not working? Well making a man jealous is not always the best thing to do but then if you think this is the only solution to what your looking for then here’s the quickest way to get a man’s attention or make him jealous;

1. Compliment Other guys_ if your partner doesn’t compliment you when necessary then complimenting his friends or other guys around for even the tiniest of gesture is the best way to get him jealous.

2. Enjoy your life to the fullest without him_ if your boyfriend is fond of cancelling dinner or dates at the very last minute, instead of killing yourself over it hang out with your friends and when he calls please don’t be in a hurry to hang up on him, after your good-bye please leave the call hanging so he will hear you having fun in the background.

3. Flirt a little on Facebook_ when you flirt with other guys on Facebook or better put when other guys on Facebook are always looking for your attention it will make him jealous.

4. Speak Highly of your ex_ No guy wants your ex to be better than him, sometimes consciously bring up issues of your ex around him so he will try and bukle up.

5. Go Out on a date_ go out on a date with a guy probably a cute one and be honest with him when he ask.

6 Have a male best friend_ The easiest way to get a man jealous is to have a male Best friend. Most men dislike this.

7 Don’t Depend on him_ almost every man loves their women to depend on him, so if you want to make him jealous Don’t Depend on him, if you need his help then ask him but then if he can’t help, get another guy to do It for you and tell him about it.

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