9 Obvious Signs Your Boyfriend Is Tired Of The Relationship.

Your relationship used to be great but now you don’t understand anything about it again, sometimes people get tired of their present Relationship but find it very difficult to break up maybe because they have gotten used to the person in question and starting afresh scares them alot.
Guys most especially have a funny way of showing their tiredness in a relationship and majority of them wants you to figure things out by yourself rather than them telling you themselves which to me is cowardly. If you noticed some of the following behavior in him please prepare yourself for a break up;

1. He Humiliates You In Public_ No man who truly loves and Appreciate you will do that to his girlfriend except he is tired of you and wants to break up

2. Your Touch Irritates Him_ Someone you share something with will always be happy in fact he will be looking forward for your touch but once that touch Begins to iritate him then you know things are not okay in your relationship and it may end anytime soon.

3. Reduction in call Rates_ he couldn’t stay a day without checking on you for more than 4 or five times but no he hardly calls infact he gives different excuses why he’s not calling like before.

4. Talk Frequently About Space_ when you love someone you will always find a way to balance your life without making the other person feel like she is a burden to you but then if the love is no more there you will be talking about space because to you the person is a burden to you.

5 Doesn’t Keep Promises_ when a man suddenly change without any reason then he is not feeling the vibe in the relationship anymore. Several failed promises is a pointer that your no longer his priority.

6. He Hides his Feelings_ When a man constantly shuts you out of his life no matter how hard you try to be of help to him but he keeps pushing you away then your no longer a part of his life.

7. Your No Longer Attractive _ This is one major feature, if those things that he admired most about you is no longer Attractive to him then the Relationship will soon come to an end.

8. He stops showing interest About The Little Things That Matters To You _ When A Man forgets the little things that mean so much to you such as your birthday etc then probably he is telling you something you should probably listen to.

9. He Stops Hanging Out With You_ hanging out with you on his free days was something you two loved doing but then this has changed.he may be tired of you but doesn’t know how to say it.

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