Communication is the life wire of every relationship, if you intend to build a strong and successful relationship then you have to invest heavily on communication. There are certain important topics you and your partner needs to sit and talk about if you want to establish trust and also to make the relationship transparent enough. If you’re wondering what those topics could really be, here is a breakdown of it;

1. Finance_ It’s very important to set the record straight when it comes to finances, you should be able to know how much money comes in and how much money goes out, let your partner know your investment plans etc. Some Relationship break because of financial Issues so let them know everything about your finance.

2. Trust_ So many people don’t realize they have trust issues until it’s about to break their relationship up, this topic Should be discussed at the beginning of the relationship so you and your partner can find solutions to it. Sometimes the trust issues most Relationship face may be an individual Issue and not the relationship itself.

3. Intimacy_ it’s generally not easy to discuss this maybe because of shyness or something but it’s very important you discuss this, be very open and honest with each other while talking about sex and urges.

4. Personal Fears_ It’s very necessary to let your partner know about your fears and insecurities so you two can handle it together. Personal issues can destroy your relationship if you let them so you need to discuss it so you can find solutions together.

5. Cheating_ The Way you see cheating Maybe very different from the way they see it, discuss this vital issue with him and let them express their thoughts and opinion on the issue. Cheating has destroyed so many beautiful Relationships so you need to take a step and discuss it with them.

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