12 Warning Signs Of An Abusive Relationship

It’s not always obvious that your in an abusive Relationship until it becomes obvious 😁. The worst thing that can ever happened to anyone is to be with an abusive partner, it’s drains you emotionally and psychologically, there’s no “what if” in an abusive Relationship the only solution is to walk away from it for your own safety and security. you can not change anyone except they want to be changed, no assumptions, no excuses just walk away. Here are those things you should examine in your relationship if they are there please know that you are in an abusive Relationship;

1. Jealousy_ I understand that love is jealous to a point but when it gets to a point where you have to isolate yourself from your friends and family just because you want to please your partner then you should be careful, anyone who really loves you will not want you to loose everyone that matters to you because of them.

2. Possessiveness_ When someone is too possessive please walk away, it’s not a good sign. It’s a sign that they have serious control Issues with Themselves.

3. Threats_ If your partner is constantly threatening you and your family if you walk away then you need to truly walk away.

4. Physical and Sexual Abuse_ if your partner Hits you very often or forces himself on you when you’re not in the mood, that’s not good at all.

5. No Regards For Your Boundaries_ boundaries are one crucial element of a healthy relationship. If your partner doesn’t respect or regard your boundaries then my dear you know better.

6. Ignoring You When You Need Them Most_ Giving your partner the much needed attention is very important for them to feel loved and Appreciated but then if your with someone who constantly neglect you when you need them most is a very obvious sign of an abusive Relationship.

7. Gaslighting_ this is the worst form of emotional abuse. It’s an act of your partner brainwashing you to question your own sanity or reality around you. It’s an act that is meant to misdirect you from the truth.

8. Too much worries _ it’s a very normal thing for your partner to be worried about you but then if this becomes too constant and excess then it’s not good.

9. Not Accepting Fault_ There is no perfect person on Earth no matter how much you try you will always make mistakes but then it you happen to be with someone who never Accepts his own fault then you have to be careful.

10. Unrealistic expectations_ Expecting your partner to be perfect is way out of the line, you should love them just the way they are and not expecting them to be someone they are not.

11. He makes everyone around responsible for his feelings_ if he constantly sees you to be responsible for his bad day, mood swings etc then you really need to walk away.

12. Hyperreacting_ There are certain things that happens which happen to be very normal but if your with someone that react to every thing no matter how normal that thing is then please watch it, it can graduate to something else.

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