5 Workable Ways To Build A Healthy Self-Esteem

Self esteem is seen to be how we see ourselves.
When it comes to self-esteem and self acceptance it’s only one opinion that truly matters which is yours, giving room or accepting other people’s opinions about you damages ones self-esteem faster than anything else, when it comes to building or improving on your self esteem you should always listen to yourself and not what others think. We’re our biggest criticis so you shouldn’t go hard on yourself no matter the situation. Here are some healthy ways you can improve or build your self-esteem up;

1. Never Compare Yourself To Others_ Comparison can destroy your self-esteem, Because someone looks happy on social media doesn’t mean they are happy in reality, you have to come to terms with yourself and accept who you truly are, sometimes the people you think are doing better than you may not actually be doing better, it’s just packaging. Be contented with where you are and what your doing.

2. Exercise Frequently_ Study has revealed that those who exercise often have a great chance of increase in self esteem as exercise has proven to increase our physical and mental health.

3. Forgiveness_ unforgivingness has proven to keep us in one spot for a very long time because with a heavy heart it’s impossible to connect to your inner being. learn how to forgive people who have wronged you in one area or another so you can find inner peace and joy. Forgive yourself too so you won’t be ashamed of yourself to move forward.

4. Think Of Those Things That Is Affecting Your Self-esteem_ When it comes to low self-esteem, everyone has what is destroying theirs, so you have to examine those things that Affect yours and work on them little by little.

5. Stop Negative Talks_ stop putting yourself down or saying negative words to yourself no matter what. If you’re faCed with series of challenges you have to keep a positive mindset while handling it, believe you can handle it and come out victoriously and you will, putting yourself down all the time will only damage your self-esteem and self worth, you shouldn’t be doing it.

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