8 Major Reason Why Most Relationships Fail

When it comes to the success of a relationship so many things can be attributed to it and those said attribute can make it end too. When it comes to major reason why most relationships ends too soon it revolves around character which is a surface Attribute, compatibility which is much more deeper and emotional connection or chemistry.
If your experiencing deep Issues of compatibility and character then you have to put in serious work if you want it to survive. According to my research, here are a few things that can make Any relationship end quickly;

1. Character_ character is the bedrock of any relationship, without character no good relationship can stand the test of time, in as much as your building up yourself please take time to develop good character, it is very important if you your relationship to head somewhere.

2. Compatibility_ One of the deepest issue to a successful and lasting relationship is compatibility, if you two are not compatible please end things, it’s not Advicable for you to force yourself on someone you know your not compatible in everything. Being with someone who sees things in your angle is very Paramount, Don’t be with someone who is struggling to fit into your life, it will bring serious issues in the near future.

3. Emotional Connection_ you have to be emotionally connected to your partner in other to make a relationship last longer, being with someone who you know very well that your not connected to is not good, at least if you can’t love them please free them so someone else can.

4. Self Esteem_ Anyone with a poor self esteem can ruined a healthy relationship, you have to be confident in yourself before anyone can really value you. Low self-esteem often makes you think that your not worthy to have that person in your life which may result to you being to clingy to the other party which can actually choke. Work on yourself esteem if you have one please.

5. Lack of Trust_ Trust is a fundamental part of any relationship, you can’t go about questioning your Partners every move and expect him or her to be comfortable with it. Our background or upbringing plays a major role in trust, we understand how difficult it is to trust at times but then without it you can’t build a strong and lasting relationship.

6. High Expectations_ it’s very good to have an explanation when it comes to relationship but then you have to be realistic with yours, Don’t go around expecting your relationship to be like zeeworld because it won’t. What you watch on TV is different from the reality, your partner is not perfect let that part sink into your head.

7. Making Your Partner Your Source Of Happiness_ You are responsible for your own happiness, if you have something lacking in yourself please find a way to fix it, putting your happiness on your partner is too much of a load for anyone to carry, your partner should be your secondary source of happiness while you become your primary source of happiness.

8. Lack Of Understanding_ Understanding makes a bond grow stronger by the day, you have to try your best to understand your partner sometimes it must not be all about you, understand situations when it’s necessary.

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