12 Great Signs He loves You Dearly(Without Saying It)

You have been together with him for a while now and may probably have fallen in love with him but then your not really sure if he feels the same way about you. For some guys saying I love you can be a terrifying thing to say because no one really want to put themselves in such a vulnerable position without being sure if she loves him or not. Here are a few silent signs he may be giving you if he truly loves you;

1. He Smiles Often When your Around_ when a man really loves you he can’t help it but smile continuously when your around him, there is something about you that constantly makes him feel very lucky to have you.

2. Hope Your Hand_ keeping his hands to himself will be very difficult because he will want to hold your hands every time.

3. Kisses Your Forehead_ A kiss on the forehead means he really loves and adores you so if he does this this it’s definitely a green light.

4. He Introduces You To His Gang_ introducing you to his friends means he may be telling them great things about you. It’s one gesture guys only do to someone they love.

5. Introduces You To Your Mom_ Mothers hold a special place in the heart of every man so if he Introduces you to his mom it means you are special to him.

6. He makes Time For You_ when a man really loves you, you become he’s priority. If he makes Time for you despite he’s busy schedule that means he is down for you.

7. He kisses You passionately_ A passionate kiss means a lot more than just a kiss so take note.

8. He Gifts You Something Meaningful_ a gift tells a lot about how one truly feel about you, if he gifts you something meaningful or something that holds great value to him then he really loves you.

9. He Prefers Staying Home With You_ When a man suddenly Prefers Staying Home With you than having a drink with friends then he’s into you.

10. He Inconveniences Himself for You_ if he Inconveniences Himself to make you happy then he loves you, there are certain sacrifice a man can only do for a woman he loves.

11. He Stands Up For You_ interesting enough A man can only stand up and defend a woman he loves.

12. He Treats You Nicely_ take note of how a man treats you, it says a lot about how he feels about you.

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