9 Healthy Ways Of Making Sex Fun And Enjoyable In Relationships

Sex is a bond that connects two people together, it has the potential to either break any relationship or make it, so many people are crazy about sex while some are not but be rest assured that a healthy sex life is what makes some relationship inseparable. Having sex and enjoying sex is two different thing don’t mix that up, when it comes to sex you should be enjoying it and not just engaging in the act. Some of the ways you can make sex enjoyable are:

1. Communication_ communication is key to an Adventurous sex life, don’t leave your partner guessing what you will like in bed or not, tell him how you want to be touched, kissed etc. Discuss your sexual fantasies with him so he will know how best to satisfy you. When it comes to sex please don’t be shy to speak up if not it will just an exercise to you.

2. Use The Right Lubricant_ There are some women that are naturally dry, if you noticed that then you can use lubrication to stimulate yourself, you can apply it on the vagina or on the Penis so you can enjoy penetration.

3. Get Yourself Checked_ If you get a burning sensation during sex it could be a sign of an infection so you need to get yourself checked with your doctor.

4. Do Something Different_ if you guys are used to one style you could introduce a different one so you both can enjoy yourself and it can make the act more enjoyable.

5. Love Yourself_ self love is the ultimate, if you truly love yourself you will find every sexual act enjoyable but if not there’s nothing your partner can do that will make you Aroused because you will always think he may not find your body Attractive enough.

6. Change Your Rountine_ if your use to a particular spot for sex then you can try out new places like your bathroom or kitchen or even in the sitting room. Sex Should not only be done on the bed or in your bedroom.

7. Initiate The Sex_ well your boyfriend should not be the only one to initiate the sex, you can do it too so he will feel wanted or desired too.

8. Exercise Regularly_ Exercise has a way of stimulating your nervous system and making you feel good about yourself. Normally when you exercise often you stay very active which is a great booster to your sexual life.

9. Talk During Sex_ Please be sure to express yourself during sex, if your partner is not touching you or stimulating you well please call his attention to it during the act and show him how to stimulate you.

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