7 Terrible Attitude That Can Ruin Your Relationship.

Bad habit are those character that has 100% tendencies of destroying any relationship, most times this habit are tiny Things that we often overlook remember it’s very easy to destroy something than to build it. When it comes to Relationships I think it’s better to learn new things every day in other to improve on it or make it better, here a some things that have high chances of ruining your relationship if you don’t take note of it.

1. Assumption_ it’s very wrong to assume things in relationship or let me put it this way assumption is a very Dangerous game in relationships. When your partner comes home with a bad mood you can’t assume your the cause, it’s very normal for people to experience a bad day or mood swings so all what you should do is to try your best to make them talk about it, assumption will only make the situation worse..stop assuming and create an avenue where your partner will feel heard and understood.

2. Not Establishing Proper Boundaries Between Friendship And Relationship_ keeping friends is okay but let there be laid down boundaries between your friends and Relationship, don’t place your friends above your relationship, that’s bad. Make out time for your friends and let the topic discussed Should be purely around your friends and not about your relationship. Don’t let your friends be a third party to your Relationships, that’s very bad.

3. Not Taking Correction_ As small as this Issue may seems but it’s true, so many people have ruined their relationship with their inability to take corrections and accept their fault, you can’t be right Everytime so try your best to open your mind to healthy criticism, it’s helps you grow and improve personally.

4. Poor Communication_ Communication is key, every strong relationship is built on good communication, it’s very okay to be angry with your partner so feel free to communicate with him on the area he is lacking behind or on aspects that your relationship is doing very poorly.

5. Not Giving Them Space_ following your partner up and down is not the best option, Give them space to be themselves and to do things the love to do, spending all your time with your partner is not always the best option, allow them to be their unique selves. Please no Relationship should rob you of your individuality.

6. Constantly Bringing Up The Past_ let the past be, you don’t need to constantly remind your partner of the things they need in the past because trust me some of those things are things they hate themselves for.

7. Unforgiveness’_ it’s one Thing to forgive someone for hurting you and it’s another thing to act it, when someone hurts you and decides to apologise please don’t rush the forgiveness or don’t let them rush you with it, true forgiveness takes time so give yourself time to do so, so you can do it properly. When you do so please do it properly which involves forgetting about it. You don’t need to keep bringing up issues that you have forgiven someone for, that act is annoying.

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