10 Powerful Secrets Of Making Your Man Feel Loved And Appreciated

Many people think that it’s only the men that should make a woman feel loved and appreciated but then we forget that these men deserve the same treatment and more. No man wants to be with a woman who doesn’t treat him like the king he is or who doesn’t appreciate his efforts no matter how small it is. If you check history very well men do more for women that appreciates him and make him feel loved and safe with her no matter how difficult it is to really tell what a man wants. You can start by adopting this few secrets in making your man feel loved and appreciated;

1. Compliment Him_ Make it a habit of telling your man how handsome he is especially when he looks great in an outfit, it’s not only the men that should tell you how great you look with your new hair do and so, please keep reminding him how cute he is when necessary.

2. Appreciate Him_ Take time to appreciate your man for his support towards you and your family, if he’s your major financial support to you and your family, it’s not easy to do what he is doing.

3. Spice Up Your Sex Life_ So Many Guys loves women who are adventurous in bed, sometimes you need to do something more than what he is used to in bed.

4. Respect His Alone Time_ Every man loves his time alone and that may be hanging out with his friends etc. learn to give him space at least it can help. It’s not easy to do so but please try.

5. Put Down Your Phone_ We are all guilty with this both when you’re with your man please endeavor to keep your phone aside.

6. When you get something for yourself get his Too_ it sounds funny but true, when you get something for yourself please but for him too

7. Look Into His Eyes_ When your speaking to your man or anyone else please try to maintain eye contact with them, sometimes the eye can be used to send a great message.

8. Praise Him In public_ Men really love this, if your man is good to you please praise him in public, he deserves it.

9. Make Him Feel Secure_ Men are fragile too it’s just that the don’t love showing it. Make your man feel secure with you in the right way and he will love you.

10. Support His Hustle_ Most men appreciate women who have been with them through thick and thin it’s just a few of them that are ungrateful so don’t think all men are the same because obviously that’s not true.

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