10 Offensive Words You Should Never Say To A Woman

Obviously there are certain Words you shouldn’t use on women no matter how true it is or better still you should find the right word to describe the situation. Women naturally are very sensitive to certain words, you just have to learn how to live with that. We know that women are not really easy to please or satisfied but you have to try your best to avoid those things she dislike. I May not be able to cover everything but I will mention a few important ones. Here are a few things you shouldn’t say to a woman;

1. Your Fat_ Women naturally hates the word fat because they understand it to mean unsexy, unattractive, ugly etc. These words naturally sends a wrong signal to any Woman whether your only joking with her or not.

2. You Knew I was like This_ No one ever prays to be with a jerk or something, everyone pretends to be something they are not just to get what they really want. First impression really matters so I know everyone packaged and presented themselves well in other to catch the other person’s attention so now you have the attention why then are you trying to justify your misbehavior?

3. My Ex_ Everytime you keep making your conversation revolves around your ex which is meant to be in the past you are unconsciously irritating her, fine she may play cool with it but deep down her she dislikes that aspect of you.

4. Has Your Monthly Visitor Come?_ That question is Damm too annoying. Everyone is aware of the monthly menstruation that Women experience, so many women wish the never experience it because of the pains the go through and some feel helpless and all so it will be kind of you not to keep reminding them of their fate.

5. Calm Down_ When you use this word on a woman it means she is being too dramatic or overreacting to something but then you can’t really blam her because she is only responding to something or a word she doesn’t like so it’s better to watch what you say when you’re with her or you sit down and receive her reaction in good faith.

6. I love You On A First Date_ Throwing yourself at a woman is really not cool to so many people, every woman wants you to build friendship or chemistry first before you can talk about love.

7. How Many Guys Have You Been With?_ Asking a woman that question is really not cool infact it is very bad because it will only make you look insecured which means you don’t trust her. What ever it is your trying to find out but make sure you don’t ask her this plainly.

8. Do You Like Me?_ Your not supposed to go about asking a girl this question, what are you expecting? Women naturally express their likeness with actions so observe her closely. This question is really inappropriate especially if you just met her.

9. You Remind Me Of My Mom_ Apparently no woman wants to be told they’re getting old or better put they never wants to be compared to Another person even if you mean it the right way.

10. Is That Your Hair?_ You know already that it isn’t so why bug her with such questions when you should be complimenting her.

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