8 Glaring Signs That Shows You Have Fallen For The Wrong Person

Love blinds our eyes to so many things, when your totally in love with someone you are simply blinded to so many things even though those things may be the obvious truth. The heart wants what it wants no matter what, while you’re so carried away with the hot emotions and love it’s very important we examine our relationship and our partners to know if certain things we are doing right now will make sense much later or not, believe me no one wants to be hurt or feel used so in other to avoid certain words like “I wish I knew better” etc, it’s better you evaluate your partner to know if they feel the same way about you the way you do to them. Here are a couple of things that can help you understand whether your partner is right for you or not:

1. They Don’t Reciprocate_ Loving someone is great but being loved right back by the same person is a blessing. If you constantly have to beg someone to love, care and be in your life then your obviously with the wrong person, anyone who truly loves you will never put you in a situation where you have to beg for those things.

2. They Make Excuses_ People who making one excuse or the other in other to cover up their inadequacies are not down for you, no one is truly busy, it’s just a matter of priority.

3. Unhappiness_ If your with someone who finds it very difficult to make your happiness a priority then your with the wrong people, if they really love you, your happiness will mean more to them than anything else. If your not happy with your partner then that means you probably shouldn’t be with them in the first place.

4. Insecurities_ Apart from the normal ups and downs of relationship where everyone experiences, you should feel safe and secured in your relationship but when the reverse is the case then your obviously not with the right person.

5. Fighting Frequently_ Everyone gets into an argument with their Partners every once in a while but when this is becoming a norm then it’s Advicable to quit because the Relationship will never work. Fighting frequently means you two are clearly different from each other and with very different personalities so no matter how hard you try it won’t still work out

6. Keeping Secrets_ Your Partner should be transparent enough with you on certain things but when he never Shares anything with you, it’s obvious the relationship is not going anywhere and it won’t work out.

7. No Deep Connection_ One thing that makes a bond strong is the connection between two people, if your not physically or sexually Attracted to each other then that Relationship won’t work.

8. You Think More Of Breaking Up Than Improving The Relationship_ When you keep fantasizing more on breaking up with your partner than building the Relationship then it’s better to listen to your intuition and end things.

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