10 Reliable Ways To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Being in a long distance relationship is not easy, infact so many people dislike that idea for one reason or another but honestly speaking long distance relationship has 100% chance of survival if only the two people involved are committed to making it work.
Every Relationship survive on mutual efforts and not just a single effort, if you two are serious about each other the Relationship can work be it long distance or short Distance 😂😂.
If your in a long distance relationship you may consider reading this post to the end:

1. Establish Boundaries_ There should be laid down boundaries if you want the Relationship to work. For instance if you are not comfortable with your partner hanging out with male friends or people please let them know so they will know how best to handle friendships outside your relationship.

2. Avoid Excessive Calls_ Calling your partner 24/7 can be a good thing but it’s not really the best thing to do. Calling too much can gradually become irritating and may make the other party to gradually loose interest in the relationship. The right way to go about communication in long distance relationship is to make sure you say good morning and good night, you may call in between to fill each other up on the happening of the day but please don’t spam each other with calls.

3. Visit Each Other Regularly_ Try your best to visit each other as often as you can, it’s might be two or three months interval but make sure you visit.

4. Have A Goal In Mind_ Apparently everybody wants to be in a relationship that will end somewhere, you two should have a plan of what you want Achieve at the end of the day like how long you want to be apart from each other and how long you want to be together, let the end goal be clear to you and your partner.

5. Enjoy Your Alone Time_ Being far from your partner should be a privilege for you to enjoy your own company. Being alone doesn’t mean your lonely except you choose to be, your life shouldn’t revolve around your partner, don’t loose yourself trying to please Anyone. Use this time alone to enjoy your own company, friends company and family too.

6. Be Honest_ Honesty is a fundamental part of the survival of long distance relationship, be as open as you can with your partner, don’t go through problems alone, open up to them so they can support you.

7. Know Your Schedule_ It’s very important to know your partners schedule, it will help stabilize the relationship, at least you can Account for each other’s whereabouts. And can help you know when they are busy or free so you can call or Text.

8. Stay Positive_ Being very positive is the best you can do for yourself to avoid unnecessary tensions And all.

9 Gift Them with Something Special_ It’s very Advicable to give your partner something they can remember you for daily. Something like a keychain, a momentum etc.

10. Trust_ You don’t give trust, you earned it, whatever you do in your relationship it will never last if your partner doesn’t trust you. Try your best to trust your partner and earned his trust too.

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