12 Proven Ways To Handle Trust Issues In Relationship.

Trust is on thing that holds most relationships together, infact trust is one of the key part of any relationship, every beautiful relationships out there survives on trust, without trust in your relationship it’s just a matter of time before it comes crashing on your Face. No good Relationships exists without trust.
Relationships are made up of two different people from two different backgrounds, our upbringing has alot to do with the way we behave and trust people too, since this two people have their own perspectives of what right is and what wrong is, when they eventually find themselves together it will take each person time to adjust and readjust in other to have a beautiful relationship. Also certain events may have happened along the line that may break ones trust in his or her partner but if the two are determined to make it work they will work through it together. Every Issue in relationship is fixable it’s only a matter of of determination from the both partners. Below are few ways you can fix trust issues in your relationship;

1. Keep Your Promises_ No one wants to be with a partner who never fullfils his or her promises. When making promises please be kind enough to make the ones you are sure of keeping, if there’s a change of plans please ensure you let the other party know about it.

2. Be Fair in Argument_ Wanting to be right all the time is not fair, sincerely sometimes you have to loose an argument to your partner, it’s a relationship and not some kind of games. Learn how to give up and let your partner win so they won’t feel it’s always all about you

3. Call To Say You Will Be Late_ Whenever you have any date with your partner and you know you won’t be there on time, please do well to put a call through to let the other party know you will be late, it’s not easy to wait for someone who your not even sure will turn up so to clear all doubt and build trust you need to do it.

4. Be Transparent_ There’s no need to lie to someone you claim to love, it’s better you hurt them with the truth than comfort them with lies. If you truly love someone you should come clean before them and let them choose to love you the way you are or move on without you.

5. Call When You Say You Will_ Some of us have this terrible attitude of saying you will call but will never do. No one is truly busy it’s just a matter of priority.

6. Don’t Dig Up Old Wounds_ please and please if anything happened in your relationship and you forgave your partner please try not to use it against them, no one wants to be reminded of their mistakes especially by someone they love, it shatters Trust.

7. Be Sensitive to the others feelings_ knowing what hurts your partners feelings can help you avoid them, don’t be too insensitive to repeat what they don’t like over and over again.

8. Never Say Things You Can’t Take Back_ Avoid speaking when you’re angry if you know you can’t choose your words carefully. Words are very powerful, it can’t hurt badly if they come from someone you love, you can ask for forgiveness but you can’t take back the words so please be careful while your angry with your partner.

9. Respect Your Partners Boundaries_ Every one has boundaries whether they are in love or not, if you happen to know your partners boundaries please try your best to respect it.

10. Be A Good Listener_ Giving your partner 100 attention while the speak to you about what is Affecting them can help build trust in your relationship, everybody needs someone to talk to or listen to them, that feeling is extra ordinary.

11. Don’t Be Jealous_ Jealousy is kind of natural especially if you love the person but when do it excessively it’s very harmful. If your partner has reached a milestone of what he or she wanted please celebrate with them, everything doesn’t have to be all about you.

12. Carry Your Share of the workload_ You have to help your partner out especially in things that Affect your relationship. It’s not only one person that should do everything In the relationship, please play your own role effectively.

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