7 Character Traits In Women That Men Finds Attractive

Being a woman is not really enough to keep a man, so many women feel it’s their beauty or sexual prowess that keeps a man, that’s not true, sincerely that’s like 15% of what can keep a man so if you have this 15%, what happens to the remaining 75%?
This common proverbs of food being the ultimate way to a man’s heart is not entirely true because if you bring food to the table and lacks the basic character that should compliment the food then your in for serious trouble. The male gender is a little bit easier to be understood unlike the female folks. Here’s a sneak peek of those qualities men admire most in women:

1. Kindness_ Most men loves women with kind hearts. The way you treat people around you tell a lot about you. You don’t have to know someone before you treat them nicely, no man wants a woman who feels she’s better than everyone else.

2. Respect_ whether you agree with me or not, men where brought up with the knowledge that he is meant to be respected by his woman, nothing makes a man more angrier than knowing his woman doesn’t respect him and doing that in public is worse. A woman with respect and regards is what 99% of the guys are looking for.

3. Intelligence_ Every man wants a woman they can Converse with, it’s not every time a man calls you that you have to remember your personal problems, sometimes a man calls his woman to have a better conversation not money conversation. When I mean being intelligent it doesn’t have to revolve around book or academics, you have to be street smart, logical and intellectually sound.

4. Goal Driven_ Nowadays no man wants a liability as a partner, every man wants a woman who will be an asset to him and who can add value to him too. For men nothing is more important to them than knowing that in their absence his woman can handle emergency situations perfectly till he comes. A goal driven woman who knows what she wants and go after them is very attractive to the guys.

5. Open Mindedness_ Women who are open to critics and who Accepts their fault is what the guys are searching for, it’s not easy to own up to something let alone taking corrections. 4 out of 10 women will do that so that makes them unique and special to the guys.

6. Self worth_ knowing your worth and placing value on yourself is sexy, no man wants to be with a woman who doesn’t know her worth. It’s not enough to know your beautiful but wearing the beauty with class. The value you place on yourself is the same value people will place on you.

7. Self Expression_ women who knows how to express themselves in a better way attracts guys. It’s normal.

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