10 Things Every woman Wants From Her Man

So many men misunderstand what their women wants that’s why most relationship hit the rocks after few months, women are the simplest being to love if you could just understand her a bit.
In as much as no one can guarantee the success of any relationship be it friendship or romantic Affairs because no human heart can be predicted it’s important to treat people nicely and be a positive impact to people you come across. Below are a list of the most important thing women desire in their relationship.
1. Respect_ women deserve respect from the man they love, you can’t go about disrespecting a woman and expecting her to be the kind of woman you want her to be. The same respect you give to your male friends should be exactly the same thing you give to your woman.

2. Honesty_ Dishonesty can break any relationship, once you have given her countless reason not to trust you then your relationship can break any moment. Women naturally adores men who are honest and someone they can really trust.

3. Open Communication_ communication is the life wire of every relationship. No matter how busy you are, you should always make out time to check on your woman. No one is really busy, it’s just a matter of priority.

4. Responsibility_ If your planning on having a long term relationship, maturity and a sense of relationship is required. Every woman desires a man who knows what his responsibilities are and takes them on instead of shying away from it.

5. Trust_ Trust helps makes relationship strong and makes the bond great.

6. Support_ Every woman desires a man who will support her in everything that she does be it emotionally, physically and Financially.

7. Emotional Maturity_ it’s very important to note that no one wants to deal with a child, you have to grow up and be the man you are meant to be.

8. Friendship_ Every woman desires a friend in her partner, being a friend means you have to be patient and very understanding when it comes to her.

9. Be A Man of your words_ so many men decieve women into loving them, most times they say what they don’t really mean. When you tell her you love her, please mean it. Try your best to show her you love her aside saying it.

10. Be Romantic_ Every woman desires a man who gives them flowers randomly or gifts them randomly without Any occasion.

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