Never Settle For Less

Life sometimes happens and disrupts our plans concerning our lives so when this happens you have to embrace it and believe that every situation has hidden blessings. No one ever plans to remain single till mid-thirties or remain unsuccessful in life but when life happens you will definitely find yourself in that situation.

The society might have their own standard of measuring achievements or success but never feel pressured to live your life according to the detects of the society, it’s okay to set your own standard and live by them, remember what works for another person may or may not work for you.

Situations around us may prompt us to give in to societal pressure and settle for whatever we wouldn’t settle for in the first place when your planning on that remember your happiness is a top priority and you should never undermine your happiness for anyone.

Marriage is sweet, at least nothing beats companionship in life but when settling down you should consider your happiness before doing so. Some people were meant to settle down early in life while some were not, sad but true… if you find yourself clocking 30 without a life partner then don’t freak out, things will definitely work out find you just need to give it a little time

Being successful doesn’t require too much talk but too much work, so many successful people today started very small and kept on working harder to make sure they achieve their goals If you still find yourself struggling at age 30 or so its totally fine, keep pushing you will get there soon. There is no approved age for success, don’t let people intimidate you or don’t feel pressured to do more than you can, everyone has it’s own pace for growth so if you have yours be proud of it and keep on doing whatever you’re doing. successful people passed through struggling stage and that phase contributed largely to who they are today.

Settling for less is never an option if you really want to be where you have always wanted to be in life, Never settle for less, every good thing in life takes time. Patience, determination, hard work and perseverance is the key to anything you want in life. Be strong and courageous and always keep a positive attitude


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