My Sister’s Crush Wants To Date Me

Good evening moment with me,

I am in serious problem, there’s this guy that has been on my neck for a relationship for the past 6 months, the guy is kind of cool and responsible and I think I’m beginning to like him, the problem right now is I never knew my older sister has been crushing on him for a long time now but the guy has practically refused to date her.

I was not aware of this until I introduced him to her, now she says I can never date him because the guy is not good for me, I am 23 and she is 27. This problem has brought issues between us and I don’t want a guy to come between us. Please my people help me out, I really love this guy and he loves me too, how can I go about this?

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  1. OK, the guy is not good for you but he is good for her right?
    I think she is beginning to get obsessed with that guy. Tell the guy to let her know and to understand that he really loves you. And you should try to talking to her again maybe by involving a third party that you both can trust very well.

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