My Boyfriend Gave Me Money To Keep But I’m Tempted To Take It

Good afternoon moment with me,

My boyfriend usually gives me money to keep for him and sometimes he doesn’t really know how much he gave me at the end of the day.

Right now I am with his 350k and I have serious money problems now, I have spoken to him about it and he said I can take 50k out of the money but honestly speaking 50k won’t be able to solve the problem now, I want to take extra 30k from the money because I know he may not notice it anyway, please will it be bad of me to do so? If I take it will be stealing? Please help me out!

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  1. Tell him that year actually needed the 80k to solve the problem na, he might still be cool enough to give allow you take it, and I hope you tell him what the problem is

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