Finding true love or experiencing true and genuine love can be a difficult thing in life, most times in the quest of being loved we fall victims to so many people that we initially couldn’t have. It’s very frustrating and humiliating loving someone wholeheartedly and being left or abandoned in the end.

One thing is certain we all will find that one person if we refuse to let situations blind our eyes to LOVE when it finally arrives. The waiting period is one of the most difficult moments in anyone’s life because it’s definitely not easy to be alone in life but what other choice do we have?

In my journey in life and singlehood, I have discovered so many things which I probably wouldn’t have if I was taken or married without first experiencing singlehood. While waiting for someone to come into your life and sweep you off your feet you have to embrace this waiting period wholeheartedly, instead of despising yourself from being single, there are varieties of things you could do before being ‘TAKEN’. The waiting period is a period is a period of self-discovery, it’s a period of self-love, it’s a period of tours and adventures and it’s a moment of being completely happy with your own company.

Without self-love and happiness you won’t be able to love someone perfectly, without being completely contented with yourself you won’t be contented with someone else in your life, without seeing yourself being perfectly made by God you will always find silly flaws in the next person God  brings your way, without finding pure and undiluted happiness in yourself you will always depend on other people for your happiness in which most cases do not turn out well, without a clear understanding of who you are and your purpose on earth you will always feel that marriage is the only achievement you can get, without being successful on your own you will always think you need a man to be successful in life etc.

You only attract what you think, are and belief. The waiting period is for your growth and development as a person. If you solely do nothing while waiting for love to happen you will definitely be frustrated and when you are frustrated, desperation comes in quickly. Every good thing in life takes time and TRUE LOVE is not an exception. Be you, be real, believe in love and it will surely find you.

True love still exists and love is a beautiful thing.


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