Loosing someone is one painful experience that tears your soul apart, it makes you begin to think if life is really worth it or not, it leaves your head filled up with unquestionable thoughts and so, life is too short maybe that’s what we actually forget sometimes…..

As sad as death and loss maybe, we should learn to pull ourselves together during this trying times, we should learn to lean on the legacy of the departed no matter what, life is dam shorter than we all think……….

Focusing more on the beautiful memories the departed created with you can help you recover from the shock, cry as much as you can, scream as loud as you can if that will help you move on but never forget to take care of yourself during this period no matter how difficult it may be remember the departed would have wanted you to look your best with or without them so just take it easy on yourself.

Every individual you meet in this life are unique in their own ways, no two individuals can behave the same so whatever happens to anyone close to you, mourn them properly and respectfully, don’t try to replace them because the truth is no one can fill their space In your life no matter how hard you lie to yourself.

The pain of losing someone is always deeper than what anyone can think, if you are not strong enough you can sink completely with the pain of grieving, you can lose your sanity and peace of mind if you don’t know how to comport yourself. Grief is soul eating please know how to handle it and dust yourself appropriately, stay strong and God in his infinite mercies will comfort you and heal you completely.

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